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Cinco de Mayo

Posted by msrivas en 5 mayo 2010

¡Viva México! ¡Viva Benito Juárez!


The holiday of Cinco De Mayo, The 5th Of May, commemorates the victory of the Mexican militia over the French army at The Battle Of Puebla in 1862. It is primarily a regional holiday celebrated in the Mexican state capital city of Puebla and throughout the state of Puebla, and especially in U.S. cities with a significant Mexican population. It is not, as many people think, Mexico’s Independence Day, which is actually September 16.


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El Día de los Muertos

Posted by msrivas en 1 noviembre 2009

El Día de los muertos se celebra el 1 y el 2 de noviembre.

For Mexicans, death is another stage of life; it is not something we have to fear. Even though their loved ones left for the earth, their souls will remain here forever.

Day of the Dead is a funny and colourful celebration, where people honour and remember their beloved relatives who passed away.

Watch this video and leave your comment.

What do you think about this celebration?

¿Cómo es el Día de los muertos? Use some adjectives you already know.

¿Te gusta el Día de los muertos? ¿Por qué?

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