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El Pretérito: ER and IR verbs, ser, ir, dar and ver.

Posted by msrivas en 13 mayo 2010

Remember that we use the preterite tense to talk about actions that took place in the past.


Practica en estos enlaces:

Charts to review regular and irregular preterite forms

Challenge board, AR and ER verbs

Fill in the blanks

The story of Alicia and David

Conjugate regular preterite forms

Columns verb “ver”

Battleship verb “ir”


Crossword: irregular verbs


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El Pretérito: AR verbs

Posted by msrivas en 1 mayo 2010

We are going to learn one of the past tenses we have in Spanish: el pretérito.

First, we will know how to conjugate the preterite of AR verbs.

The verbs ending in -car, -gar and -zar have an irregular preterite.

Did you get it?  You may need to practice…

Preterite endings


Challenge board


Drag and drop

Irregular AR preterites

Rags to riches

Rags to riches -car, -gar, -zar

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Possessive adjectives

Posted by msrivas en 27 abril 2010

Click on the chart for an animated presentation.

Possessive adjectives

Puedes practicar en estos enlaces:

Multiple choice

Basic quiz

Quiz 2

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Interrogative words

Posted by msrivas en 12 abril 2010

Questions and interrogative words in Spanish are not difficult once you understand how they work:)

Vamos a aprender algunas palabras interrogativas:


Let’s learn a little bit more about questions:

¿Necesitas practicar? Try the following links.




Fill in the blanks

Question words quiz

Making questions quiz

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El verbo querer

Posted by msrivas en 18 febrero 2010

Look at the conjugation and different uses of verb querer.

Ahora, practica mientras escuchas la canción de “Tequila” – Dime que me quieres.

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Stem-changing verbs in the present tense

Posted by msrivas en 1 febrero 2010

Let’s learn how to conjugate a stem-changing or “boot verb” in the present tense.

Click here for a complete chart of the stem-changing verbs.

Ahora, vamos a practicar:

Concentration and matching (meanings of some stem-changing verbs)

Rags to riches

Fill in the blanks

Fill in the blanks 2

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Irregular AR verbs in the present tense

Posted by msrivas en 30 enero 2010

Have you learned the irregular conjugation of dar, estar and ir? ¿Estás seguro? Puedes practicar más…

Challenge board

Fill in the blanks

Matching and concentration


Self Quiz

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Spanish I – AR verbs flashcards

Posted by msrivas en 29 enero 2010

The students of Spanish I have been working on a project to create flashcards of the AR verbs in the present tense.

Look at this, isn’t it great?

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Tener expressions

Posted by msrivas en 9 diciembre 2009

Tener is an irregular -ER verb. It means “to have” but it is very used in expressions like tengo hambre and tengo sed (literally: I have hunger, I have thirst).

Practise while playing games!

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Presente de los verbos acabados en -ER y en -IR

Posted by msrivas en 8 diciembre 2009

We have already learned how to conjugate an -AR verb in the present tense.

If you remember how it works, it is very similar with the -ER and the -IR verbs, you only have to learn the endings.

Let’s compare the present tense of the three groups:

You will have noticed that the endings of the ER and the IR verbs are the same, except for the “nosotros” and the “vosotros” form.

To learn more about the present tense of the ER and the IR verbs click here.

To review the meanings of some common regular verbs click here.

Quizlet with common AR, ER and IR verbs

Multiple choice with the verbs you have to know

Rags to riches with conjugation

Battleship with conjugation

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