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End of the school year

Posted by msrivas en 11 junio 2010

We have learned TONS of Spanish in these past two years at Leyton Public Schools.  Also, we had a lot of fun in class and we enjoyed learning a foreign language.

Check this video out and you will guess why Spanish is fun.


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Madrid web activity

Posted by msrivas en 10 mayo 2010

You are going to learn some interesting information about Madrid.

Answer the following questions:

  1. What is Madrid famous for?
  2. What are the three best museums in Madrid?
  3. Click let’s go –vamos! What is the name of this classical building?
  4. Where are Madrid’s main attractions? How can you visit them?
  5. Click next. What is La Cibeles and to whom is it dedicated?        By the way, this is the monument where the Real Madrid soccer team fans always meet to party their victories.
  6. Click next. When can you visit the museums for free?
  7. Click next and next again, until slide 6. What kind of art can you see at the Museo del Prado?
  8. Go to slide 8. What kind of art can you see at the Museo Thyssen Bornemitzsa?
  9. Go to slide 11. What can you find in El Parque del Retiro?
  10. Go to slide 13. What happened in Spain and in Madrid when Dictator Franco died in 1975, after 4 decades of Dictatorship?
  11. How is this cultural movement called, meaning “the movement”?
  12. Slide 14. What do you have to do to taste the real Madrid?
  13. Go to slide 15. How many metro lines are there in Madrid?
  14. Click next. Where can you go for a quick meal? What are “tapas”?
  15. Click next. What type of art does el Museo Reina Sofía host?
  16. What is the most important painting you can see there?                                                                                                                 What does this painting illustrate and what does it denounce?
  17. Go to slide 20. What is the name of this square and when was it built?
  18. Go to slide 26. How is Spain now? Describe its government system.
  19. Go to slide 33. What is the name of the highest building in Madrid? How many inhabitants has Madrid?
  20. Go to slide 36. What’s the name of the best soccer team in Madrid?
  21. Go to slide 44. Which are the 2 most famous streets (calles) where you can go shopping?
  22. Go to slide 46. What’s the name of this square? Why is it famous?

Virtual Madrid

Gran Vía video and pictures

More pictures and interesting information

Madrid daily passion blog

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Spring songs

Posted by msrivas en 18 abril 2010

The first one is a little bit sad, but the lyrics are great!

We already listened to one of Juane´s song for MLK day in class, this time, he talks about love…

Now, we are going to listen to The Manhattan Transfer´s song “Eso es el amor”.

I am sure you will get all the missing words, because this one is easier if you remember the seasons in Spanish!

The Manhattan Transfer – Eso es el amor

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Where is Spanish spoken?

Posted by msrivas en 29 marzo 2010

Take a look at the countries where Spanish is spoken.

Listen to this song and get the names of some of the Spanish-speaking countries.

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The Spanish Civil War – web activity

Posted by msrivas en 25 marzo 2010

Next week the students of Spanish 2 are going to watch Carol’s Journey, a Spanish movie about the Civil War.

Before watching the movie, they will have to familiarize themselves with the background information and historical facts about the Spanish Civil War.

Civil_war_stagesGo to the Imperial War Museum of London web page and click on A short background history of events leading up to the Spanish civil war.

If you can’t see the document, click here.

Answer the following questions:

  1. When did the Spanish Civil War start?
  2. What was the name of the General who led the rebels?
  3. What countries and governments supported him?
  4. Did the Western democracies help the Republican government?
  5. When did the war end?
  6. Who won and what were the political consequences?
  7. What was the name of the rebels side?
  8. Who supported them?
  9. Why did the republicans take up arms?
  10. What did volunteers (International Brigades) fight against in Spain?
  11. How many volunteers took part in the war?

Go to the ALBA web page and scroll down to the poster Los Internacionales unidos a España luchamos contra el invasor.

International BrigadesAL_batallion

Answer the following questions:

  1. How many American volunteers traveled to Spain to join the International Brigades?
  2. How were they called?
  3. When the Spanish civil war was over, where did they fight?

Take a look at these realistic pictures from Robert Capa, David Seymour and Gerda Taro, photographers who witnessed the war.

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Spanish Commercial: Queso “El Cigarral”

Posted by msrivas en 22 marzo 2010

Do you remember how to ask what is that in Spanish?

quesoLet’s have some fun, write the Spanish word for cheese in your fingers: Q-U-E-S-O.             

Now, watch the commercial and try to mimic the children.

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El verbo querer

Posted by msrivas en 18 febrero 2010

Look at the conjugation and different uses of verb querer.

Ahora, practica mientras escuchas la canción de “Tequila” – Dime que me quieres.

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Los deportes

Posted by msrivas en 23 enero 2010

More sports and an Internet search about Spanish-speaking sportsmen

Assignment: Mi deporte preferido

Send a comment about your favorite sport. You may need to use a dictionary and watch for Spanish characters.

¿Quieres practicar más?


Memory game

Béisbol y baloncesto en quizlet



Challenge board

Béisbol en la República Dominicana

Check out the trailer of the feature length documentary “Road to the big leagues”

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Tengo un sueño… I have a dream…

Posted by msrivas en 18 enero 2010

Hoy es el día de Martin Luther King Jr.

This national holiday honors the life and work of America’s greatest civil rights leader.

Spanish MLK JR Vocabulary:

  • liberty- la libertad
  • equality- la igualdad
  • peace- la paz
  • justice- la justicia
  • respect- el respeto
  • divertisy- la diversidad
  • tolerant- tolerante
  • equal- justo
  • I have a dream- tengo un sueño
  • discrimination- la discriminación
  • segregation- la segregación

Vamos a escuchar los “Sueños” de Juanes.

Fill-in-the-blank activity:

Ahora, tell us about your dreams for the world and for yourself.

  • Sueño con + sustantivo (noun). Sueño con un mundo sin desigualdades.
  • Sueño con + verbo en infinitivo (AR, ER, IR ending). Sueño con ser médico.

You may need to use a dictionary.

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The grapes of New Year’s Eve

Posted by msrivas en 23 diciembre 2009

To celebrate Christmas in class, we ate the grapes of luck while watching the video of the Puerta del Sol Tower Clock in Madrid.

The Spanish tradition consists in eating a grape with each bell stroke at midnight of December 31 and if you eat them all, you will be lucky the next year.

The students of Spanish at Leyton wish you Feliz Navidad!

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