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Spring songs

Posted by msrivas en 18 abril 2010

The first one is a little bit sad, but the lyrics are great!

We already listened to one of Juane´s song for MLK day in class, this time, he talks about love…

Now, we are going to listen to The Manhattan Transfer´s song “Eso es el amor”.

I am sure you will get all the missing words, because this one is easier if you remember the seasons in Spanish!

The Manhattan Transfer – Eso es el amor


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Where is Spanish spoken?

Posted by msrivas en 29 marzo 2010

Take a look at the countries where Spanish is spoken.

Listen to this song and get the names of some of the Spanish-speaking countries.

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El burro enfermo – The sick donkey

Posted by msrivas en 12 marzo 2010

Escucha esta canción sobre un burro muy, muy enfermo, I am sure you will recognise some vocabulary about health and illnesses.

Fill-in-the-blanks activity

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El verbo querer

Posted by msrivas en 18 febrero 2010

Look at the conjugation and different uses of verb querer.

Ahora, practica mientras escuchas la canción de “Tequila” – Dime que me quieres.

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Tengo un sueño… I have a dream…

Posted by msrivas en 18 enero 2010

Hoy es el día de Martin Luther King Jr.

This national holiday honors the life and work of America’s greatest civil rights leader.

Spanish MLK JR Vocabulary:

  • liberty- la libertad
  • equality- la igualdad
  • peace- la paz
  • justice- la justicia
  • respect- el respeto
  • divertisy- la diversidad
  • tolerant- tolerante
  • equal- justo
  • I have a dream- tengo un sueño
  • discrimination- la discriminación
  • segregation- la segregación

Vamos a escuchar los “Sueños” de Juanes.

Fill-in-the-blank activity:

Ahora, tell us about your dreams for the world and for yourself.

  • Sueño con + sustantivo (noun). Sueño con un mundo sin desigualdades.
  • Sueño con + verbo en infinitivo (AR, ER, IR ending). Sueño con ser médico.

You may need to use a dictionary.

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Nosotros cantamos – We sing :)

Posted by msrivas en 6 diciembre 2009

The students of Spanish I practised the personal pronouns and the present tense of the AR verbs while singing.

They had fun and they learned some grammar!

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Presente de los verbos acabados en -AR

Posted by msrivas en 10 noviembre 2009

There are three groups of verbs in Spanish: those ending in AR, those ending in ER and those ending in IR.

Let’s learn how to conjugate the present tense of the first group, the AR verbs.

First, you have to drop the ending of the infinitive (drop -AR) and then, add the endings for each subject.


I’m sure you will better understand how this works if you watch this video.

¡Vamos a jugar!

Concentration and memory game.


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