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La casa

Posted by msrivas en 15 mayo 2010

Let´s learn some vocabulary about the house.  Click on the image to listen to the parts of the house in Spanish.


House and family flashcards

Concentration game

Scrambled words

Rags to riches


Coma camaleón game


Being shown round a flat

Conversation: My house

The outside of the house


Household chores

Tell us about your home


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El Verano – Summer

Posted by msrivas en 26 abril 2010

Vamos a aprender vocabulario sobre el verano.

Listen to some summer essential phrases.

Use this links to practice summer vocabulary:


Match the items

Fill in the blanks



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What’s the weather like?

Posted by msrivas en 6 abril 2010

Click on the image to listen to some words and expressions about the weather.

Vamos a practicar:

Describe the weather

Quizlet games

Hop-hop chop-chop game

Talk about the weather and seasons

Rags to riches

Spelling quiz

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Spanish Commercial: Queso “El Cigarral”

Posted by msrivas en 22 marzo 2010

Do you remember how to ask what is that in Spanish?

quesoLet’s have some fun, write the Spanish word for cheese in your fingers: Q-U-E-S-O.             

Now, watch the commercial and try to mimic the children.

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El burro enfermo – The sick donkey

Posted by msrivas en 12 marzo 2010

Escucha esta canción sobre un burro muy, muy enfermo, I am sure you will recognise some vocabulary about health and illnesses.

Fill-in-the-blanks activity

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La salud

Posted by msrivas en 8 marzo 2010

Go over the flashcards to learn new words and expressions related with health and illnesses.

La Salud, vocab 1

La Salud, vocab 2

Click on the image to listen to more vocabulary.


Practica en estos enlaces:





Listening activities

Illnesses and recovery. What’s the matter with this people? What do they need to do to recover from their illnesses?

Desayuno sano (Healthy breakfast, Spanish commercial)
Consejos para tu bebé (Tips for preventing child accidents at home, Spanish commercial)
Anti-smoking law (Spanish commercial)

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La comida

Posted by msrivas en 23 febrero 2010

Click on the images to listen to the vocabulary

comida1 comida2



Practica en estos enlaces:

Las compras

Quizlet vocab 1

Going shopping – fill your cart with the items on the list

Match the items

Quizlet vocab 2


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¡Feliz día de San Valentín!

Posted by msrivas en 11 febrero 2010

El próximo domingo es el Día de San Valentín o Día de los enamorados.

Do you want to send a Valentine’s card in Spanish?

imagenes para hi5


Lee la poesía de Octavio Paz, look up the words you don’t know in a dictionary.

Dos cuerpos frente a frente
son a veces dos olas
y la noche es océano.

Dos cuerpos frente a frente
son a veces dos piedras
y la noche es desierto.

Dos cuerpos frente a frente
son a veces raíces
en la noche enlazadas.

Dos cuerpos frente a frente
son a veces navajas
y la noche relámpago.

Dos cuerpos frente a frente
son dos astros que caen
en un cielo vacío.

Add a fifth stanza in Spanish to the poem and send it to the blog.

Think of another metaphor that describes two people who are in love. Are they like peanut butter and jelly? Think of something similar, but obviously more profound.

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7th Grade – Saludos y Despedidas

Posted by msrivas en 3 febrero 2010

The seventh graders are taking Spanish in the second semester and these are some of their first projects and dialogues.

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Spanish II – Cabeza, hombros, piernas, pies

Posted by msrivas en 2 febrero 2010

The students of Spanish 2 sang the Spanish version of  “Head and shoulder, knees and toes” to practise the vocabulary of body parts. We also played “Simón dice” but the game is not included in this video (it would be too long).

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