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End of the school year

Posted by msrivas en 11 junio 2010

We have learned TONS of Spanish in these past two years at Leyton Public Schools.  Also, we had a lot of fun in class and we enjoyed learning a foreign language.

Check this video out and you will guess why Spanish is fun.


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The Spanish Civil War – web activity

Posted by msrivas en 25 marzo 2010

Next week the students of Spanish 2 are going to watch Carol’s Journey, a Spanish movie about the Civil War.

Before watching the movie, they will have to familiarize themselves with the background information and historical facts about the Spanish Civil War.

Civil_war_stagesGo to the Imperial War Museum of London web page and click on A short background history of events leading up to the Spanish civil war.

If you can’t see the document, click here.

Answer the following questions:

  1. When did the Spanish Civil War start?
  2. What was the name of the General who led the rebels?
  3. What countries and governments supported him?
  4. Did the Western democracies help the Republican government?
  5. When did the war end?
  6. Who won and what were the political consequences?
  7. What was the name of the rebels side?
  8. Who supported them?
  9. Why did the republicans take up arms?
  10. What did volunteers (International Brigades) fight against in Spain?
  11. How many volunteers took part in the war?

Go to the ALBA web page and scroll down to the poster Los Internacionales unidos a España luchamos contra el invasor.

International BrigadesAL_batallion

Answer the following questions:

  1. How many American volunteers traveled to Spain to join the International Brigades?
  2. How were they called?
  3. When the Spanish civil war was over, where did they fight?

Take a look at these realistic pictures from Robert Capa, David Seymour and Gerda Taro, photographers who witnessed the war.

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Why Study Spanish?

Posted by msrivas en 20 febrero 2010

Do you need some reasons to study Spanish?

The students of 7th Grade created these amazing brochures to give you some.

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Subject pronouns

Posted by msrivas en 8 noviembre 2009

What is a pronoun? It is a word that replaces a noun.

We are going to study those pronouns that act as subject in a sentence.

Now let’s look at the subject pronouns in English and in Spanish:


Practica en estos enlaces:

Flashcards and memory game

Match items in columns

Concentration: pronouns and articles

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Flamenco in Scottsbluff

Posted by msrivas en 13 octubre 2009

Flamenco dancing and tapas dinner. You can’t miss it!

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