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Spanish II – Review For Quiz

Posted by msrivas en 9 marzo 2010

Unit 8 quiz:

Vocabulary about health

Ser / Estar

Direct Object Pronouns (me, te, nos)

Also, you can try a self-check quiz

Stay tuned and review at home!


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La salud

Posted by msrivas en 8 marzo 2010

Go over the flashcards to learn new words and expressions related with health and illnesses.

La Salud, vocab 1

La Salud, vocab 2

Click on the image to listen to more vocabulary.


Practica en estos enlaces:





Listening activities

Illnesses and recovery. What’s the matter with this people? What do they need to do to recover from their illnesses?

Desayuno sano (Healthy breakfast, Spanish commercial)
Consejos para tu bebé (Tips for preventing child accidents at home, Spanish commercial)
Anti-smoking law (Spanish commercial)

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