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Madrid web activity

Posted by msrivas en 10 mayo 2010

You are going to learn some interesting information about Madrid.

Answer the following questions:

  1. What is Madrid famous for?
  2. What are the three best museums in Madrid?
  3. Click let’s go –vamos! What is the name of this classical building?
  4. Where are Madrid’s main attractions? How can you visit them?
  5. Click next. What is La Cibeles and to whom is it dedicated?        By the way, this is the monument where the Real Madrid soccer team fans always meet to party their victories.
  6. Click next. When can you visit the museums for free?
  7. Click next and next again, until slide 6. What kind of art can you see at the Museo del Prado?
  8. Go to slide 8. What kind of art can you see at the Museo Thyssen Bornemitzsa?
  9. Go to slide 11. What can you find in El Parque del Retiro?
  10. Go to slide 13. What happened in Spain and in Madrid when Dictator Franco died in 1975, after 4 decades of Dictatorship?
  11. How is this cultural movement called, meaning “the movement”?
  12. Slide 14. What do you have to do to taste the real Madrid?
  13. Go to slide 15. How many metro lines are there in Madrid?
  14. Click next. Where can you go for a quick meal? What are “tapas”?
  15. Click next. What type of art does el Museo Reina Sofía host?
  16. What is the most important painting you can see there?                                                                                                                 What does this painting illustrate and what does it denounce?
  17. Go to slide 20. What is the name of this square and when was it built?
  18. Go to slide 26. How is Spain now? Describe its government system.
  19. Go to slide 33. What is the name of the highest building in Madrid? How many inhabitants has Madrid?
  20. Go to slide 36. What’s the name of the best soccer team in Madrid?
  21. Go to slide 44. Which are the 2 most famous streets (calles) where you can go shopping?
  22. Go to slide 46. What’s the name of this square? Why is it famous?

Virtual Madrid

Gran Vía video and pictures

More pictures and interesting information

Madrid daily passion blog


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¡Feliz Navidad!

Posted by msrivas en 15 diciembre 2009

What is the typical Christmas treat in Spain? How do we celebrate Christmas in Spain? If you want to know it, click here.

To learn some vocabulary, click here.

You can’t miss this video: the holiday season kicks off in Madrid.

Now, ¡vamos a jugar!

Snow attack

Memory game

Word search

Multiple choice

Enjoy the holidays! ¡Feliz Navidad!

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